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Hello Dharma

Using smooth, soulful vocal patterns and rock-driven guitar riffs, this four-piece alternative group from DC has an eclectic sound that combines pop driven melodies with a hard rock edge.

Strange Fur

This band is for fans that appreciate melodically crafted tones, mixing the traditions of American Folk with the ambiance of heavenly blended strings, soothing the soul over devilishly haunting vocals.

The Super High-Tech Jet Fighters

With catchy melodies and dynamic tunes, this punk-influenced power pop trio has made its mark on the local scene, as they continue to play shows and write and record new music.

Very Americans

Their members’ previous bands all have a history of releasing records on prominent indie labels, touring nationally and internationally, and have had the chance to share the stage with many influential bands in the hardcore and punk community.

Worn Out Tigers

A surfeit of unexplored ideas, a trail of empty Pabst cans and Taco Bell wrappers, and a legacy of staying weird.

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