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The Band

Aaron Miller
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard
Michael Villegas
Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dan Lucas
Bass, Backing Vocals
Evan Kirkley


Harrisburg, PA


Experimental, Electronic, Indie Rock


In the first decade of the millennium there has been a rollercoaster of genres throughout pop music. What we once knew as Rock n’ Roll has now been thrown into a whole new world of electronic dance music. You may be asking at this point, where does Minshara fit into all of this? Call them a lot of things except “more of the same.” From an uplifting “Pet Sounds-esque” ballad to a massive club banger, it is really hard to describe their sound with only a few words. Dubstep to Prog Rock, Incubus to The Beatles, their music is composed without bias. When someone asks you to describe what you hear, just call it, Minshara.


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