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Young Historians

Young Historians

The Band

Michael Defulgentis
Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Edd Colon
Josh Packard
Chuck Warden
Drums, Backing Vocals


Beverly, NJ


Progressive Rock


Hailing from Beverly, New Jersey, Young Historians is a refreshingly creative and interesting blend of progressive rock. Drawing from a number of diverse musical influences, including everything from metal to classical, the band has created a style of music that is as unique as it is catchy. Formed in the Spring of 2009 as Only the Brave, the band quickly put together a solid set of tunes and began performing at venues all over New Jersey and Philadelphia. Recorded by Carson Slovak (August Burns Red, ArmsBendBack, With Life In Mind), their EP, “Sounds from Another Room,” delivers an epic serving of enlightening lyrics, powerful guitar riffs, and haunting piano melodies. From the opening punch of “Texas” to the lyrical genius of “Thomas Edison was on Our Side,” “Sounds From Another Room” does its justice by delivering a fresh new sound to New Jersey rock!


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