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Hello Dharma

Hello Dharma

The Band

MJ McLaughlin
Vocals, Guitars
Andrew McCue
Guitars, Keys, Backing Vocals
Chris Kanavy
Bass, Backing Vocals
Alex Constantine
Drums, Backing Vocals


Washington DC


Alternative, Grunge, Pop


Hello Dharma is a four-piece alternative group from DC with an eclectic sound that combines pop driven melodies with a hard rock edge. Three of the band’s members have been playing together for nearly 15 years which gives them a wealth of shared experiences, both musical and personal, to draw upon in their writing and performing. MJ McLaughlin’s smooth, soulful vocal patterns, overlain with sometimes jazzy, but always rock-driven guitar riffs meld beautifully with Andrew McCue’s technical, yet focused ivory tickling and soaring lead guitar work. The band is glued together inexorably by the rock solid rhythm section of Alex Constantine on drums and Chris Kanavy on bass. Hello Dharma’s members have played all up and down the east coast, and as far west as Chicago. Local venues include Rock & Roll Hotel, DC9, Jammin’ Java, Velvet Lounge and Fish Head Cantina in Baltimore, among others. The band’s EP, Disconnectionism, which they recorded at Blue Room Studios in Bethesda, MD is garnering significant buzz, both locally and as far away as across the pond, where the group’s single, “Carolina” was recently featured on an independent radio show out of London. These four talented, driven individuals are dedicated to bringing DC music to the forefront of the rock scene.


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