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Strange Fur

Strange Fur

The Band

Brenton Garis
Vocals, Guitars
Evan Merkel
Violin, Backing Vocals
Tyson Barker
Banjo, Accordion, Backing Vocals


Baltimore, MD


Folk, Americana


Baltimore’s Strange Fur began with a chance meeting in Baltimore of California natives Brent Garis and Tyson Barker. Inspired by a mutual passion for traditional folk music, Garis and Barker brought in Evan Merkel to add his violin prowess to their guitar and banjo arrangements. Strange Fur’s sound manifests as layers of classically-inspired orchestration with a heavy draw from Americana roots music taking cues from a wide variety of influences. From the soundscapes of Sigur Ros to the vocal harmonies of Smile era Beach Boys, Strange Fur creates a unique sound that’s at once progressive and timeless. Inspired by the burgeoning music scene from Baltimore, Strange Fur uses elements of ambiance and minimalism, but at the core remains an intimate act driven by the guitar picking and lyrics of Garis. A band that requires attention, patience, and reflection rewards the listener looking for something a little different, and this is what Strange Fur delivers.


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